Register to fast or support the fasters

Everyone wishing to participate in the global Earth Fast will be required to fill in the form below. This form is mandatory, due to health and safety reasons. If a faster is not registered, they will not be considered as part of the Extinction Rebellion Earth Fast.

Before signing up and indicating your intention to join the Earth Fast, please ensure you understand:

  • What a fast is, and the different types of fasting

  • Why fasts are necessary

  • How to prepare yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for a fast, and that you understand the kinds of things the human body will go through during a fast.

Please note, we are imposing a strict 24-hour fast limit for participants under 18 years of age and an extended period for health and safety reasons. All under-18 participants MUST have medical consent. Under-16s MUST also have parental consent in order to participate.


If you are interested in participating or helping out in any way (see below) with the April 2021 Earth Fast, please complete the relevant form below.